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For sale: binaural microphone pair, Sony D-8 Datman, Lee Jackson XL1000.

Following up on the recent discussion on portable recorders, and binaural
microphone sets, I have a custom-built binaural mic that I'd like to sell.
I'm afriad I don't know what mic elements were used, though they are pro
quality - it's very nice sounding; it's on the same level as studio mics 
used to working with. If anyone is interested, I'll record some stuff
through it on and post it somewhere. I'm looking to get about $200 for it,
or best offer. Will trade for repeater :>

Also, I'm still looking for a home for my Sony D-8 datman.


It cost $650 new. I'd like to get $250 or so for it, plus shipping. I can
throw in a ton of unused DAT tapes.

Finally, completely unrelated but also in the 'find a new home' category.

It seems to be going for around $300 according to the harmony-central
database.  There are some reviews:

It weighs about 150lbs, so shipping will be a little hefty outside the 
area, though not prohibitive. I'm in south san francisco bay, if you would
like to try it out.

Jonathan El-Bizri