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Repeater:End with Overdub

I'm particularily bummed about not being able to end a loop record with
overdub, as I specifically asked both Darrell Smith and Damon about this on

>>> I'd like to be able to switch to overdub directly out of record (makes
>>> nicer loops).

To which Darrell replied:

>Repeater does this.

My guess is Repeater can functionally do this, but the tape transport
interface Electrix chose doesn't easily make this happen. Perhaps a button
combination Record + something (like used for audio start record) could be
used to place Repeater in recording, the next tap of the record switch
marks the loop boundary, but leaves you in overdub, requiring a third press
of record to be in playback.

Ultimately Repeater does so much great "Uber-Looper" stuff that I don't
want to complain, instead I'll just join the crowd and ask Electrix to
implement two main functions in a mini-upgrade; 1) input kill and 2) end
loop w/ overdub.