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Re: The power of limits - reply to Max

Title: Re: The power of limits - reply to Max

The more processors I threw into the  mix, the more I used...or should I say tried to use!  This would bring upon
a terrible state of option anxiety ("hmmm that's cool, but what if I changed  this, and added that, and then tweaked this other thing?")

I completely agree.  There seems to be a part of my brain that is consumed by the idea of new gear, new options, new toys -- and this is legitimate, and fun.  But I always have to bring it back to simplicity -- I'm so inspired by Indian classical music, the idea of two or three people playing for hours, exploring the ramifications of a simple idea (melody and rhythm).  
I have three basic parts to my setup - wind synthesizer, vocals, another synth, all going into an EDP (and a Kaos pad).  It amazes me how when I feel like I have to use everything at once, things seem to become very limited, and often everything starts to sound the same.  This creates anxiety -- I start to feel like I have all this gear and it's not giving me a big palette.   But when I only use one or two elements at a time, things seem to open up and I often become fascinated and joyful, like a little kid.