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Repeater: WAV files as loops

  I just tried to get a WAV file onto a CFC and loop it on the
  Repeater. It didn't work. Just dropping a WAV file into a folder
  named Loopx where x is the loop number resulted in the folder being

  What I tried next was to record a silent loop at the same tempo and
  duration as the WAV file. Then, delete the WAV that was created and
  drop in the WAV file I wanted to loop. The WAV played but it wasn't
  right: it seemed to be at 1/2 the pitch, but not quite.

  Seems like the obvious isn't going to work.

  One of the reasons i bought the Repeater was to loop WAVs I create
  elsewhere. Rev 1.2 of the manual said I could do this but the current
  manual (rev 1.3) doesn't. Disappointing.

  I am sure eventually someone will discover a process to get WAVs to
  loop properly. I'll keep trying.

  Electrix? Are you listening? :)

  - wet/dry mix
  - programmable TRS footswitch config
  - better clock syncing
  - the ability to loop arbitrary WAVs
  - sleep mode big fix
  - more CFC compatibility
  - what have i forgotten?