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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds / likely repeater correction

At 03:32 PM 9/9/2001, Brett Maraldo wrote:
>>At 04:28 AM 9/9/2001, Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:
>>>apparently, ya missed a l'il bit of my point:
>>>if repeater is in *overdub* mode *before* ye begin recording, then:
>>>ending *record* w/another *record command* commences *overdub*.
>>>so ifya leave the repeater in *overdub* as a default-state, there are no
>>>extra button-presses.
>>I think you should go check this, cause my Repeaters definitely do not 
>>work this way! What you are saying to do just ends record, but does not 
>>leave overdub on. You have to press record again for overdub to come on.
>Weird. When I do what Dave suggests, it works the way he describes.
>- select an empty loop

do you mean a loop that is erased, or a recorded loop of silence? If you 
prime it with a pre-recorded loop of silence it will work, but not when 
start from scratch on a reset loop.

>- put overdub on

what do you mean when you say that? Do you mean push the Overdub button or 
push the Record button?  Remember, pushing the "overdub" button does not 
turn on overdub as you would expect. it only sets the overdub mode as 
either overdubbing or replacing. Pressing Record is how you turn on 
Overdub. If you have a reset loop though, pressing Record just starts 
Recording in it (as you would expect). There is no way to have Overdub on 
before you record the loop. conceptually in the Repeater overdub and 
are the same thing so it doesn't even make sense. "Turning Overdub On" in 
reset loop is the same as "Start Recording the Loop."

>- press record
>- press record again, record ends and overdub stays on

The light on the Overdub button stays on, sure. But any sound you make 
not be overdubbed. That LED means when you press Record *again* it will be 
overdubbing instead of replacing. It just tells you what the setting of 
your Overdub paramenter is, not whether you actually have overdub on or 
not. You still have to press Record again to get the overdubbing to start, 
thus introducing a gap in the sound.


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