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more first dasy with the repeater...

i got to spend a couple of hours with the repeater this weekend. and i must
say that it can do some amazing stuff.

there are a couple of things that are a little frustrating. the main one is
that the manual seems less than exhaustive.  for example i made a loop on
channel one and speed it up, then started to make a loop on channel four
when i got a message that said "tempo fast"... which i assume means that i
changed the tempo too much for me to continue recording... but i can't find
any information about that anywhere in the manual or what the acceptable
parameters are... anyone know?  i read the manual cover to cover a few
times... (although my wife would be quick to point out, that doesn't
necessarily mean it's not there....)

the noise floor may actually be a problem. i'll have to get it into the
studio to tell.

there are lots of things i love about this machine, tho... having
independent volumes for all four loops is great. having stereo is just
stupendous. i love the option of being able to save pre-determined loop
lengths and tempi. that will be amazing for live shows.

thanks all.