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Re: OT - 9-11-01 -- looping prayers

When I was 5 I watched the World Trade Center go up, from my house in
NJ.  I was very excited to be witnessing the construction of the tallest
building in the world.  It was the future.  My family went to visit it
as soon as it was up and running.  I can't believe this happend.  I

To all on the list from other countries, I openly apologize for our
current president.  I'm embarrassed to be a US citizen.  Maybe I should
move to Canada.  Any Canadians on the list?

Mark Sottilaro

petr wrote:

> There is a fascinating way we loopers can contribute to this tragedy
> today...  How about making a loop of your prayer/meditation/whatever
> you practice and let it run in your looper of your choice?  Gear
> junkies, who own several loopers, can even do simultaneous multiple
> loops!
> This can be an interesting and helpful in adding some positive energy
> to the workld's morphogenetic fields...
> petr