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Re: I would like this function for Repeater

This is a some what weird work around, but on the
ART X-15 pedal you can go into the program mode &
set the particular # of each pedal (using the
effect on/off mode).  This would let you set the
2 pedals side by side so that you do not have to
use the bank pedal & scroll around.

--- Scott Winzinger <zing@sigecom.net> wrote:
> No. You have to scroll up to loop via #6 (down
> #5) then bank up to #21
> to do this. I would like to be able to just
> scroll up and it go right
> into the selected loop without pressing #21.
> That extra program change is tricky if you are
> a solo act like me who
> sings and plays guitar.
> I would think it would be an easy thing to add.
> My Boomerang Plus use to
> do it.
> Scott

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