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Re: WOT Re: a prayer

Jon, thanks for so eloquently saying what I'm too weary (at 38) of the
unconsious patterns of the world to have said.

Glenn Javaheri

on 9/11/01 8:08 PM, Jon at ssrndpty@hotmail.com wrote:

>> Yea, yea, yea.... So far all I have heard from you "non-American's" is
>> "America should be cool, quiet, and lay on our proverbial backs", while
>> these fiends get away with MURDER. Now I am not advocating total nuclear
>> annihilation of "suspect" terrorist countries, unlike the CEO of 
>> Software, and I quote :
> It takes quite a bit to motivate someone to fly themselves into the side 
> a building. I would assume that it probably take something along the 
> that you are expressing, to several orders of magnitude. Perhaps, more
> personally felt, than something they watched on a TV screen. How did it 
> you feel to be the recipient of their reaction? Have you learnt your 
> It doesn't sound like it. What makes you think that someone else, in a
> country with much more legitimate reasons to be agreived would not 
> the same way? What if they're right wing conservatives, to the extreme? 
> you think they would be more or less understanding? Do they think they 
> 'take it on their back'? Wait a moment, someone just did - it's on the
> news...
> There are reasons why people in other countries feel differently about
> America's actions. The rest of the world, does not get their news spoon 
> to them from the whitehouse, sandwhiched between the titilating 
> of politician's sex lives and the latest Jerry Springer pablum that 
> for news on CNN. They know about the children dieing in Iraq due to
> sanctions, and a myriad of other rather gruesome the US government has
> engineered, that I won't bother to get into on a Looper's list.
> If you want more than the mindless revenge that passes for justice these
> days, you have to find out what made these people so agrieved they 
> to kill themselves, otherwise they'll just continue; there are plenty 
> where they came from.
> I'm pretty certain that all we will see now is more violence and more
> atrocities, from both sides. Words cannot express the grief of knowing 
> is to come.