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Re: REPEATER wish list

It does seem odd that the Repeater has no way of storing your saved 
Perhaps it will when the loops are on CFC, I'll check this out tomorrow...

Kim Flint wrote:

> At 07:40 PM 9/11/2001, Robert Deveaux wrote:
> >The repeater needs a programmable midi map.
> Is the repeater actually able to save settings like that? Something I've
> noticed is every time I power cycle, all the parameter settings I've
> changed come back as default values. (feedback amount, metronome volume,
> etc.) I'm surprised there isn't some sort of non-volatile storage for 
> things.
> Also, I had been under the impression from hearing so much about how
> Repeater saves it's loops that it would save the loops in it's internal
> memory. It doesn't, as I discovered when I had to do a power cycle to get
> out of a midi sync bug, thinking my loop would still be there when it 
> back on. nope. I guess it only saves on the compact flash cards? Well, I
> guess this is a warning to others to be careful about that one.
> kim
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