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Re: Importing & Exporting Repeater WAVs

Hey Tim-

Excuse me if you've already done this, but did you trim the loops on
Repeater before you exported them?

I forget the exact term Electrix used (my manual is in the house, away from
the office), but as we all now know Repeater saves extra audio data around
it's loop boundaries for manipulation and "good loopin", and normally
trimming is non-destructive (Yay!). But you can do a destructive trim that
should leave you with a properly trimmed WAV file. As a matter of fact I
believe Electrix recommneds this in the manual, if you want your loops to
have the appropriate time/value in other programs.



>Is there a way to alter the WAV file on Repeater so that the start and end
>points of the loop are the same as the start and endpoints of the WAV?  
>would allow for accurate playback on my PC without having to change the