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Re: Line6 Echo Pro

yeah what the hell are they thinking?  If you look at their website, you 
do get
the idea that it at least synchs to MIDI.  I'm not sure what would make it
better than the floor model, except for the ability to synch delays to 
Oh well.

Yes Rich, the Repeater is having some MIDI synch issues, but if you're 
used to
your JamMans, and are willing to record a silent loop before you start 
you won't be affected too much.  The Repeater does synch well to MIDI, but 
does this Loop Point Assist thing that's buggy.  Long story, read the 
Repeater Synch thread and the work around.  Electrix is promising a new OS
soon, that fixes this.

Mark Sottilaro

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> Thanks Eric for the skinny on this box.   I was so horny to buy one and 
> research just nipped my plans in the bud..............thanks, you just 
> me 500 clams:
> no sync capabilities and no stereo looping?   what are these people 
> about?
> And, after seeing the beautiful sets of Steve Lawson, my dream solo 
> was the Line 6 DL-4 with Midi sync capabilities.
> Wow, I never thought I'd see the day, but I think I will actually hang 
>on to
> my ancient Jampersons..........at least we were able to sync our entire
> Bass Looping Tour with them (mono, shitty fidelity and all, god bless 
> pointed little heads).
> Oh well,   I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Do I have it 
> that the REPEATER is also having syncing problems?
> What's a poor looper to do.............
> ...........yours, bewilderedly,  Loop.pooL  (aka Rick)