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RE: Bump issue.

yeah! i thought so too! :) very amusing. on the other hand, and i know you 
know this now damon, but the repeater is sort of broken at this point. i'm 
sure you guys will get it all fixed up though. in the meantime we are all 
doing the best we can with it.


At 05:24 PM 9/13/2001, you wrote:
>Wow! Now this one is harsh.
> >I understand you're dealing with four tracks and stereo and pitch and 
> >and, well what good is all that if it doesn't do something as simple as
> >record and play back what you are intending to loop?
> >I've got a RPTR, thankfully I didn't buy it for its looping capabilities
> >me that was (is) an unkown, as it doesn't loop, it records what you do 
> >then some which makes it impossibly hard to make a sharp loop from the
> >outset). I bought the RPTR cause everything said it was good at mashing 
> >loops and it does that very very well, so Bravo and continued success on
> >that end.
>Damon Langlois
>Creative Director
>Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100