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Re: What is happening to our list?

Consequently, anyone who
has ever grown up with any kind of abusive background is in grave danger of
regressing, emotionally.
You have good intentions ......... But this statement nullifies anything 
have posted!
 You can not make this kind of remark with this form of ideology ..... You 
made yourself part of the problem .......  You are the wrong person to
communicate this kind of gesture as well intended as it is

Chris Hutton

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
>     By my count we have lost at least three prominent members from this 
> this week, including the inimitable Goddess and one of our most famous 
> creative members, David Torn.
>     In the past couple of months, with a distinct heighthening in the 
> horrible week,  a lot of the posts on L.D. have seemed to get more 
> more petty and sometimes even downright hateful, whether it be about
> Repeater woes or Terrorist politics.  People are seeming to write 
> instead of considering, carefully, the effect that they are going to 
>have on
> each other.  Several people I know have mentioned that it has depressed
> them. It has depressed me and we have definitely lost a few important
> contributors.
>     For the Americans on the list (which I suspect, probably represents 
> majority of posters) we have all suffered a psychic and emotional abuse 
> the intentional plane crashes of the past week.   Consequently, anyone 
> has ever grown up with any kind of abusive background is in grave danger 
> regressing, emotionally.   The signs of post traumatic stress are
> everywhere:   people are depressed, irritable, moody, agitated and 
> If you don't feel this way, you certainly know several people who do and 
> cultural effect is like a mobile:   send part of it spinning out of 
> and it effects everyone.
>     My point is that now is a time to be very reasoned because of the
> heighthened sensitivity of everyone around us.   I am not advocating
> stuffing our feelings, but I do advocate checking out who you are
> communicating with before you unleash on them.
>     I'm with Kim, our intrepid moderator/list leader,  Loopers Delight is
> a place where I go to get away from the depressing aspects of the world.
> It is a community that I have grown to love and value.  I'm proud of us, 
> my faith has been shaken of late and several of our brothers and sisters
> have left because of our intemperance.
>     Let's all try to be very, very concious and compassionate to ALL LIST
> MEMBERS in the next few weeks (if not for the lifetime of this list). No
> matter how stronlgy you feel, please attempt to be sensitive to how your
> posts will be taken by your 'opponent'.  If we work towards consensus, we
> stand a much better chance of creating what we want to create on this 
> We will certainly be more respected by the manufacturers who make these
> beautiful, if imperfect looping devices which can only help them in their
> R&D efforts.
>     Sent with love and appreciation,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)