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Re: Rick replies for the last time on this subject

I've got to agree with Rick.  I know that, for myself, I had a lot 
(and somewhat financially) invested in the Repeater.  My looper is a huge 
of how I make music, and that I make music is a huge part of me, so with 
tight, it's easy to get over excited about it's flaws and percieved flaws. 
can't imagine it's easy for Kim either, to have is "baby" challanged.  I
ultimately think it will be good for the EDP, and loopers of all kinds, 
but I
think that this was effecting the climate of Loopers Delight before the WTC
attack.  No one wants to think "oh no, I bought the wrong thing" or "shit, 
expensive thing I bought is obsolete."

I've also seen this happen many times on different lists I've belonged to.
Frankly, with no moderator, I'm amazed the Loopers list is as good as it 
If I were Kim I would have gave one warning and started kick/banning any 
ignored the warning.  Obviously the Loopers Delight mailing list is not a 
to discuss politics.  My way of dealing with it is to put an email filter 
the offending posters.  Perhaps if we all did this, sooner or later the
offenders would wonder why no one replied to their posts and unsubscribe 
they could figure out how to)  Yeah, I'm cranky and jaded, but I like it 
way.  After a hellish work week, I really don't have the time.

Mark Sottilaro

"Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:

> Dear Chris (and fellow loopers),
>     You wrote:  "You can not make this kind of remark with this form of
> ideology ..... You have
> made yourself part of the problem .......  You are the wrong person to
> communicate this kind of gesture as well intended as it is"
>     I hope you, and everyone, realizes that what makes this list 
> great is the fact that there is no such thing as a 'wrong person's" post.
>     I'm acknowledging a problem that is really tiring out a lot of 
>people on
> our list and asking for level headedness in our future posts.  My
> observations are merely that, observations..........they don't 
>constitute an
> ideology per se.
>   Dysfunctionalism and Abusive behavior is rampant in the United States 
> America (since long before the terrorist attacks) and there is truly an
> emotional regression going on here because of this last weeks events. I 
> seen more random abusive behavior in public in the last week than at any
> time in my life (mostly really small, petty, overreactive instances). Ask
> any professional psychologist or field worker, they will tell you this is
> true.
>     Hey Chris,  let's just chill out a little and get back to the 
> of being creative.   Being 'right' isn't what's important.........the
> emotional health of our community is what's really important.   Truce?
> `Thanks for listening,    Rick Walker (aka, loop.pool)