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Re: being born

"Multiverse" is a term frequently used by Davis Deutsch in his book "The
Fabric of Reality"; not sure if it's his coinage or not.  Only halfway
through this book, but a few of his arguments are quite intriguing, and my
guess is that he's ramping up toward some of the really big questions in 
second half.  Along these lines, I highly recommend Julian Barbour's "The
End of Time", a real mind-blower.

Apologies for the OT...

David Lee Myers

on 9/25/01 3:50 AM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:

> To me, this is the most beautifull post in a long while... poetic,
> dialectic enough that nobody answeres - which does not mean nobody
> liked it!
> I especially love the word "multiverse", is that in use somewhere?
> Thank you, Jan Pek!
>> i am pleased that people are coming together to redefine the
>> paradigm for spontaneous music magic, for trance induction. we
>> return to the spirit realms, riding presence through the screaming
>> tunnel to the dreaming. and i am pleased that taps to noetic
>> manifest ideas are opening, once again. inventors of musical tools,
>> someone pointed out, are increasingly guiding the direction of
>> music. to me, the way the channel opens is the music. the process is
>> the doorway to magic.
>> you just get out of the way.
>> Here we are, unwedging our minds, hedging our beliefs about time, so
>> elastic, sounds LOOP-LOOP-LOOP, sounds come in from our memory, our
>> libraries akashic records. in the center of the multiverse of
>> polyrhythmic spin, nebulae, pulsar, seasons, rain, is the creator,
>> the improviser, doing his little jam. the rest is just manifest,
>> just a box full of patterns waiting to be cued.
>> i am here to help us connect to that pulse in galaxy's heart. what
>> is calling to us, asking to be born?
>> EDP and the Repeater are rungs on a spiral ladder opening our
>> perception of time and sound. but before we can advance, each of our
>> 'techwizards' and 'artistes' need to release ownership, release ego,
>> and embrace open-source paradigm and algorithm sharing, human need
>> driven development, and temperence. its just candy. its just candy.
>> its nobody's music. its nobody's ideas. give thanks to the Nagual
>> spirit, who blesses you with these steps. look back, they're
>> crumbling. look forward, they dont exist. just keep climbing, giving
>> thanks, your feet are on the ground, your head is in the clouds,
>> your chords are ringing hearts EVERYWHERE!
>> to me, the LD list is like a good grease, lubricating the ideas. so
>> happy to be here!
>> love
>> jan p.