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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

"We have been thinking about creating some kind of an upgrade kit that
connects to the SIMM sockets but holds some non volatile memory.
How many of you would be interested in spending  $100-200 for this?"

I would.

I'm hooked on the EDP style of looping, with extensive use of Multiply, and
Undoing successive loops all the way back to my initial loop.   Of course,
I've been using the machine long enough that the operating system is pretty
transparent to me.   But I'm loving the sound of the Repeater and the
ability to apply a different set of stereo effects to successive passes.
And I like being able to save my work.  There is a part of me that likes 
in-the-moment feel of the EDP, and I'm secure that I can usually come up
with an interesting loop on the fly.   Hell, I've even developed some
schtick to get the audience laughing  when I lose it.   But it sure would 
nice to have a few prerecorded starter loops in the can that I can bring in
after the bit if freeplay I do before looping..