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Re: new repeater question

Hmmm that's weird.  I've somehow gotten it in a mode where it dose not 
seem like I'm adding to the loop until I come out of record.  I think my 
drum machine was putting out some CC info that was tripping it up. I've 
killed the drum machine's CC output and it seems to have stopped.  I'm 
waiting for a reply from Electrix.  I find killing it's power and 
starting over seems to help.


On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 09:16 AM, mr monk wrote:

> i think i got my repeater into some wierd mode. after i make one loop. 
> if i
> go to another track and try to record, it records only a tiny portion of
> what i'm playing... anyone else had this happen?  i'm sure i've pushed 
> some
> button and gotten into some esoteric "only record for two beats in the
> middle of the loop" mode...
> is there a global erase? or a total reboot?
> thanks
> monk