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Re: Repeater Overdub Problem

yeah, the sleep problem is a known bug, but I don't think that's totally 
the issue.  Still no word about it from Electrix.


On Wednesday, October 3, 2001, at 08:33 AM, DaViD AuKeR wrote:

> (I'm on Digest, so haven't yet seen any responses to my question)
> I think I have figured out how to get Overdub (where I'm "dueting with
> my echo").  After the Sleep Mode, overdubbing w/layers just doesn't work
> on any loop, but when I Record and Resample, it subsequently works
> fine!
> Why would Resample get Overdub up and running?   Anyone else have to do
> this?
> Aside from what seems an unusual avenue of wake-up, I'm having some
> great fascination w/this unit!
> David
> Portland, OR