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Re: stereo delay

>R&D budgets in the future require sales in the present.....
>thanks for your support,

the 2 'Plexes i bought new (for a total of $1500 and a year of waiting) 
were the
best compositional tools i've used ... and i do occasionally regret selling

but, sales in the present require a price point which is at least 
if the 'plex was only 3 bills, no one would be buying 'rangs 'peaters 
dee2s or _any_ of them ... they all have _stupid_ hardware problems. gibson
would have the market totally locked down and cornered and be raking it 
in, even
at the lower price point. unfortunately they still seem stuck in the 
it's unreasonable to stick an $1150 (AND CLIMBING!!!) list price on a delay
that's 16-bit and 41 khz in the year 2001. it doesn't matter to me if it 
have the best UI and software in the world for it. yeah with group buys and
whatnot it's slightly more affordable, but you shouldn't need to undertake 
activities to have the opportunity to pay FULL RETAIL IN 1996 price for a 
in 2001. remember, while the price of nearly every other tool in the 
has gone down in the past decade, the echoplex price continues to rise. 
was a time when the echoplex listed at $400 or $500. i've never seen a 
act with such market stupidity as gibson.

i know no one on this list has anything to do with gibson's pricing. 
kim, don't take my semi-public comments as any kind of personal critisicm. 
just voicing my concern, one no one seems to ever address. i really do feel
sorry for you and matthias, for this predicament your baby is in, but not 
enough to accrue major debt buying into it again.

... i'm going to go make some RDS loops now ...

Eric Williamson