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Re: Repeater: next loop, midi control?

Not sure about that one, as I've been using the pc#s (I think it's pc#5
and 6) to do loop up and down and it works fine.  Could it be a wonky


AALev123@aol.com wrote:

> Okay. I recorded a clean part on loop one and then a dirty rhythm part
> on loop 2. Hoping to be able to solo over both parts I set up a volume
> pedal to send out cc#96 (loop select up) but when I step on the pedal
> I am transported all the way to empty loop # 3................What the
> F@*#......................My guess is that this has something to do
> with the LSB/MSB stuff which I don't understand--in particular I don't
> know if the LSB/MSB stuff can be implemented with the DMC ground
> control controller. Any one? thank you in advance for your responses.