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Re: OT design vs programming?

>> >     Quark has barely changed at all.
>uh, huh...same here.  earn your paycheck doing this stuff, or give 
>it a break, please?

But I am up on Quark.  And I HAVE made a paycheck using Quark
though I hate Quark mightily.

There has been only ONE release of Quark in the last three years --
I'm not even sure if the 3.0 to 4.0/1 release *was* in the last
three years.

When I got the upgrade, I sat down and went through the manual
in detail in a day.  Like I said.

The same stupid bugs are in it as before.  Try doing something
simple like laying out a book with pictures, and then
moving a chapter.  (Yes, Quark is a bad tool for designing books
but it's what my partner has and I don't copyright violate

Anyway, this is way off topic.  I ain't gonna convince you.

I have a clear hierarchy of "difficulty" in my mind and
it goes something like:

   "rocket science" (which probably includes advanced math too?)
   brain surgery

OF COURSE it's a full-time occupation being good at anything
but the point is that being a brain surgeon takes decades of
work and ongoing study to get to the point where you can
even start to do anything, whereas there are plenty of
good designers who started with no formal design education

Just because something is difficult doesn't make it good!

anyway.  damn, I'm typing a lot these days -- perhaps because
I'm home sick?


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