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Re:Best effects processor.

> hmm, I may be boring by now... but be carefull about the word Sync. 
> It is taken for a continuous process of keeping two rhythms together, 
> while Eclipse probably just takes over the speed once and then runs 
> free (so rhythms slowly fall apart), right?
> Or what means "absolutely synced"?
> You can only sync repeating events, two clocks, not a time...
> I may be wrong here.
> -- 
>---> http://Matthias.Grob.org

NO! Matthias, Eclipse continuously updates to midi clock sync fed from 
external units! I am usin my Repeater sending clock to it and while I 
cange Repeater BPM value, I see tha same value changing on Eclipse 
display! So all delays and lfo values are always in sync!
 best regards