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Re:Best effects processor. (Sync)

This one did not return to me, neither appear in the archive, so I 
post it again:

>  > hmm, I may be boring by now... but be carefull about the word Sync.
>>  It is taken for a continuous process of keeping two rhythms together,
>>  while Eclipse probably just takes over the speed once and then runs
>>  free (so rhythms slowly fall apart), right?
>>  Or what means "absolutely synced"?
>>  You can only sync repeating events, two clocks, not a time...
>  > I may be wrong here.
>NO! Matthias, Eclipse continuously updates to midi clock sync fed from
>external units! I am usin my Repeater sending clock to it and while I
>cange Repeater BPM value, I see tha same value changing on Eclipse
>display! So all delays and lfo values are always in sync!
>  best regards

No, thats not what synchronization means. A possible test for sync:
Copy a loop that runs on the Repeater to the Eclipse and then leave 
them both running over night and listen in the morning whether the 
two sounds still coincide!
To keep the same speed is intersting, to stay in phase is much more 

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org