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Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

>Matthias wrote:
>>  > > No, thats not what synchronization means. A
>>  > possible test for sync:
>>  > > Copy a loop that runs on the Repeater to the
>>  > Eclipse and then leave
>>  > > them both running over night and listen in the
>>  > morning whether the
>>  > > two sounds still coincide!
>>  > > To keep the same speed is intersting, to stay in
>>  > phase is much more difficult.
>ECLIPSE looping algorithms are basically delay based loopers, NOT
>further data accessing algos or sampler based, like Jamman, Echoplex or
>mighty Repeater. They are closer to a pcm42.

sure, rather delay than looper

>So even the best midiclock sendin unit has some slight shift in the
>value, meaning that the audio in the looping delay gets screwed up by
>this sync.

are you talking about artefacts while correction now?
MIDIclock easily be perfect enough to maintain sync over a long time, 
slight irregularities dont change this, just may increase the 

>You know about this issue, being it about a different
>algorithmic approach.
>Even tough ECLIPSE is not a looper in the JM,EDP, Repeater style, I
>still suggest its use as a looping device, seen what great things Torn,
>Fripp and Brook have done with similar technology and still do!

sure, great things have been done on tape, too...

>40 sec is not bad.

not bad, but its not the point. As long as you use just one loop, the 
sync fascilities dont matter, but as soon as you want to do rhythmic 
stuff with either a sequencer or a partner looper, sync is essencial.
And you said ECLIPSE had "Absolute Sync" so i had to react...

>Alex wrote:
>>  Does the Eclipse do this (I canīt test it myself,
>>  nobody sells it where I live):
>>  Youīre playing against a drum
>>  machine/sequencer/whatever and...
>>  1) Letīs say you made a single loop like on the Jamman
>>  and maybe you assigned (if possible) to a midi message
>>  the recording start and stop, does the loop stay in
>>  sync with the drum machine?.
>Please, read my previous answer to Matthias.
>Thank you.
>>  2) You made a patch with an LFO modulating the tremolo
>>  speed and you assigned it to match 32 cycles per beat,
>>  does the LFO speed stay in sync with the drum
>>  machine?.
>>  Best.
>>  Alex.
>Yes, Alex. Lfos will stay in dead sync with a drum machine sending
>midiclock to Eclipse! No doubt.
>Best regards
>Italo De Angelis
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