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Re: GIGGING as a looper questions...

Hi Greg,

> How long do your gigs usually last? What time of day? 
> what do you try to charge? How much do you usually actually make? etc...

I think you'll find it very difficult to get generalized answers to any
of these questions, the main reason being that looping isn't really a
"genre" per se.  There are a few sonic and (occasionally) stylistic
traits that crop up fairly commonly, but I think it's a mistake to
assume that everyone's going to have the same basic answers to the
questions posed above just because they share some common tools.

Example: I played a gig back in June with fellow list members Steve
Lawson and Ric Hordinski.  All three sets were very different
stylistically; in fact, all three sets could probably be filed in
different genres or record store aisles, even though there were
certainly some common sonic threads running throughout.  And I'm sure
all three of us would have very different answers to all of the
questions you posed.

The best advice I can offer would be to try and think in terms of
whatever music you're playing, ASIDE from the fact that it's looped. 
It's sort of like saying, "What time of day do Chapman Stick players
usually book their gigs at," or "How much do people who play Klein
guitars make per gig," or "How long does a DJ spin records for," you

Dealing with the music on its own terms, aside from the mechanics
involved, will probably answer most if not all of those questions... and
it also might free up some ideas about how you approach it in strictly
musical terms as well.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

--Andre LaFosse