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Re: A negative review for 2002

----- Original Message -----
do music for yourself, it's the most difficult challenge (if "you" exists).

>luka.....99% of my music is self-indulgent, done for myself and its no challenge at all, in fact its a bunch-o-fun.....does this mean i dont exist?.....im a bit >confused.....:)m
Hi Michael, sorry, please remember english isn't my mother language.
I just wanted to tell that I feel the most difficult people to satisfy is me.
And saying about that "you", it means (or, I intended it to mean) that this sentence is true wether you are not too much self indulgent with yourself.
Being indulgent sometimes can mean to be very egoistic. (I am sure this is not your case, I think I've been on this list for maybe 4 years now and I have had the chance to get a lot out of you)
It's pretty difficult to make things sound correct in english for me.
Sorry for those who get mad trying to translate my bad english... it took months for me to understand what "imho" or "btw" were meaning ;-))
I try to make my part using the most correct language I can, sometimes I even don't reply to discussions because I feel explaining clearly my opinion would be too difficult or could, and this is one case, be source of misunderstandings.
Talking about pots, delays, loops, digital conversion,... is much simpler
Anyway, Videodrome is a great movie.
ciao a tutti,