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Looping gigs in the SF Bay Area

Blue Wolf wrote:

"I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Does anyone know of any performances
happening useing looping techonology?"

Hi, Blue,

    The looping community down in the Santa Cruz area has been very, very
I have produced a dozen Loop-centric festivals here and in Big Sur, 
Berekely and Sacramento.  I have been trying for the longest time to try to
get someone in San Francisco interested in producing the First San 
Looping Festival but
San Francisco has run into the same Dot-Com Real Estate nightmare that we
have down here and it is hard to find a venue to support such a festival.  
haven't given up, but
maybe you should consider producing a festival yourself.

I would be more than happy to advise you on how to do it.  Los Angeles has
had their first and New York City is moving, slowly (and I hope surely)
towards their first.

paranthetical aside:   Did the Midwest Looping Festival come off or is it
still in the works?

If you are interested in traveling south (Santa Cruz = 1 1/2 hours drive,
San Jose = 1 hour drive).    Steve Lawson and I will be performing solo
looping sets and a duet improvisational show at:

The CAYUGA VAULT,  Santa Cruz, California  (corner of Cayuga and Soquel
Sunday, January 13th   8 p.m.  (10$ suggested donation)   (with openers,

ESPRESSON GARDEN,  San Jose, California  (Bascome  Avenue near the 
Monday, January 14th   8 p.m.

Come on down and say hi!!!!

yours,  Rick Walker (aka, Loop.poo