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Re: Repeater- universal power and feedback??

Excellent.  Thanks alot for your help Nic.  And yeah, it was the "Switching
between two loops" which I was curious about.  It'd probably come in handy,
the instant kill when changing loops.  There's always workarounds I guess 
I do want feedback into the new loop.

THanks again,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Nic Roozeboom" <nicroozeboom@hotmail.com>
> >And one thing that I'm curious about (which I couldn't find browsing 
> >the archives) is:
> >if I'm using Loop 1 for instance with a large feedback time; when I
> >to Loop 2, does Loop 1 die instantly or does the feedback continue once
> >Loop
> >2 comences?  Or can you choose between the two options?
> Switching between two loops (as Repeater defines them) has immediate
> - all operations on the first loop are abandoned upon switching, and you
> start with a clean slate on loop #2. Loop #1 does remain intact for later
> (immediate) recall and further use.
> However, it's also a multi-track device, not sure if that's where you're
> headed - you can switch tracks within the same loop. Feedback/overdub on
> new track would commence while the other track still runs along without
> modification.
> Sorry if I perhaps misunderstood - hope this helps. I have had this 
> for a few days and I'm loving it.
> Nic
> >Thanks for any help,
> >RItchie
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