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Re: New track, using Bitheadz' Phrazer

Hmmm, I played around with Phrazer demo a bit and it seemed straight 
Didn't seem to suit the way I make music though.  I also toyed with Live by
Ableton, and that seemed a bit better, though also not for me.

Speaking of thOnk, a week ago I decided to WAY upgrade my Mac based hard 
recording system, and went with a MOTU Digital Performer 3 system.  If you 
one of their audio interfaces they give you a competitive discount price 
Digital Performer.  I used the extra cash to get the Nautilus Bundle of DP3
plugins.  One of the included effects was a real time granular synthesis
module that INCREDIBLE.  Really fun and amazing.  Like thOnk, but in real
time.  Developed by the thOnk people, even.  I can see myself spending a 
of time with this effect, as it's almost an instrument in itself.  It got 
to thinking, is there any hardware box that does something like this?  
thOnk?  The Space Station begins to touch on a similar sound, but not 

Mark Sottilaro

just john wrote:

> One-third of the way down my Ampcast page ( 
> ) is "Lake Ambrose," which I did last night using Bitheadz' maddening 
> software "Phrazer."
> Expert loopers will easily figure out what I'm doing with the samples.
> (The samples are thOnk (granular) warpings of my voice.)  I just wanted 
> prove that it was possible to do something with this program, tho it 
> me at every turn.
> So now if you know anybody making a horror movie taking place at a summer
> camp, send 'em my way for a soundtrack.
> .
> ---
> * just-john@just-john.com  http://just-john.com/cn/rfe.shtml *