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Re: FW: EDP and Repeater in Rig

Although I do love my Repeater, I do admit that, while I can live 
without going straight into overdub (I just tend to start my sequence 
and loop at the same time, let it record blank, and then open it back up 
for rec) but I totally miss the ability to define the loop time (in 
measures) while synching off a MIDI clock.  In other words, "Give me a 4 
bar loop starting...NOW." and then have the Repeater end the loop 
automatically at the end of the fourth bar.  I could also go for some 
MIDI triggered automation, such as having a single message = a 
feedback %  There could be a bunch of short cuts like that to free up 
your hands during a gig, but overall the flexibility of the Repeater 
makes it worth the extra knob twiddling.  I don't know about the rest of 
you, but I have the tendency to overplay anyway, and it's good to leave 
a loop alone for a bit while you deal with another aspect of your 


On Sunday, January 6, 2002, at 05:12  PM, Neil Goldstein wrote:

> I understand where you're coming from if you're trying to decide 
> between the
> two units. Its a tough choice. And working with the two together? The
> possibilities are mind boggling, but for myself, I find I reach for one 
> or
> the other, at different times. Maybe in a few months I'll overcome my 
> option
> anxiety and try some experiments like Per has done. I still find that 
> there
> are unexplored reaches in each box *alone*. (Harkening back to that 
> thread
> on limits, there is something musical about having them)
> I have both and was going to sell my EDP (the RPTR is amazing!) but 
> backed
> off, realizing that, as people have said: the EDP is better for live
> playing.
>  esp vis a vis working with multiple loops; going from record straight 
> to
> overdub; having many deep realtime options with immediate response. 
> Great
> interactivity for improvisation where the EDP is like an 
> ultra-responsive
> instrument, a mirror of your playing. But its only mono, and has no 
> effects
> loop or storage...
> For me, Repeater is more of a 'composition' oriented machine with its
> multiple tracks and file system. Also its wonderful for  DJ type stuff 
> or
> 'post production' with its effects loop, pitch shift features, and 
> ability
> to move phrases around on an individual track basis. I find with the 
> more often than with EDP take my hands off my instrument, in order to 
> work
> the midi sliders and effects parameters. BTW having that effects loop is
> fantastic, and exponentially ups the ante for timbral and rhythmic
> exploration. Not to speak of the sounds obtained by lowering the tempo 
> to 10
> or so without changing pitch :-)
> Neil Goldstein
> Portland, Oregon