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RE: Any NAMM attendees out there

yep...i'll be there.  gonna try and go on Thursday and maybe Friday...

i'd be happy to say hello to anybody who's going that day.  perhaps 
meeting at a specific booth might help, since i'm still fuzzy about 
the 'what is where' of the Anaheim convention center...

my haunts this year will, amongst others, will most likely be:

electrix booth
emagic booth
qsc booth
propellerheads booth
electroharmonix booth
fender room
line6 booth
renaissance guitars
transperformance booth
event booth

i might suggest the electroharmonix booth, since from past 
experience, it's usually just an open area that's not packed with 
cubicle walls and tons of product.  and we gots our tshirts to 
recognize now, and we can stop doing that L shape on our forehead...

maybe we can all gather and scream at electroharmonix..."where is the 
damn EH-16 reissue!?!"

anywho...let me know what y'all are doin.



>I'll be in the Cakewalk booth, #6800.  Please stop and say hello.
>I look forward to meeting you,
>Carl Jacobson
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>From: KILLINFO@aol.com [mailto:KILLINFO@aol.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 12:17 AM
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Any NAMM attendees out there
>Hi All,
>Time for that annual question. Any of you other loopers
>out there going to the NAMM show in Anaheim between
>the 17th and the 20th? I, for one, will be wandering around
>the show for (business and pleasure) as I do every year.
>Any of you other wonderful people going to the show?
>Maybe some sort of central meeting place/time can be
>discussed and arranged.
>Best regards,
>Ted Killian