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RE: AFM members?

** this post brought up one of my biggest pet peeves about the afm.
i used to be a member, but it wasn't something i really needed to do any longer. i haven't been a member for something like 8 years now. they STILL try to hit me up for work dues on gigs at small jazz clubs/series or coffee shops. i called 'em and asked 'em to desist, but two months later they were back to it. (apparently they have someone scouring the jazz club/concert listings for "members.")
i find it mind-boggling that they charge their members (or non-members) work dues for playing their own music for little or no compensation (i know guys who have to pay other guys to play their music and lose money and then still have to pay the union its ridiculous work dues).
why they don't have an equity-waiver system like the actor's guild i'll never know.
imho, the union is a rip-off . . . unless, as david t says, you are doing serious recording work, etc., on a regular basis. (and still, if you're one of those who plays your own music, i think it rips you off for the "privilege" of being in the afm.)
sorry about the rant,
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Subject: AFM members?

Are any of you fellow LOOPERS, members of the AFM?

If so how do you balance the fact the it's hard enough to get paid to do looping performances -Vs- the minimums that you are expected to uphold as to not undercut as a member of the AFM?

What do you classify your gigs as to be able to justify to the AFM why you are working for peanuts?

I don't mind the low pay for looping, I'm doing it out of love ... but it seems there is a conflict by being both a looper and an AFM member....

So if anyone else is in my boat, please share with me what you do, and your take on this...

Gregory Bruce Campbell
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