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I'll definitely be there on Thursday and Friday. I may 
opt out of Saturday because I generally try to avoid 
being in the swarming masses of humanity that come 
on the weekends (if I don't have to be there). I have 
some clients to visit with and some old friends to 
check up on, but otherwise I'll just be wandering the 
halls looking for whatever is new and different. If I 
see any LD T-shirts I'll certainly stop and chat. I'll have 
to hold up my first finger and thumb in the form of 
an "L" to my forehead as an identifier to in lieu of 
the shirt however . . . ha! And, of course, I'll be on 
the lookout for familiar faces like Kim's, Andre's or 
David's. I'd be happy to grab a coffee (or cerveza) in 
one of the food courts if anybody cares to. The Line-6 
booth generally has an expresso machine (or other fancy 
coffee dispenser) going at their booth but the lines are 
usually pretty gosh awful all day every day. 

See ya on the funway!

Ted Killian