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Re: Is there such a function as.....

snips -
-----Original Message-----
From: SoundFNR@aol.com <SoundFNR@aol.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: Is there such a function as.....
>>  straight to the reverse mode of operation.
>Are you sure thats not a Replace rather than an Insert?
right you are, good sir. I read the manual thrice and well, just play the
thing a lot more lately and them thar weird fun things like the Replace 
me happy.

>(Doesn't do this in the new Loop4 software, a long press puts you into
>reverse for as long as you press, then goes back to forward)
>andy butler
ack! any way to do a replace in a forward and backward loop while in 

Pedro Felix- NYC 2002