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NAMM appearance and Santa Cruz Looping Festival

couple of quick things:

Due to plane schedulings, Bill and I will not be to NAMM by the 1 p.m.
meeting proposed by Kim Flint.  We have been planning to meet at the Line 6
booth at 2 p.m. on both Saturday and on Sunday.  We'd love to meet anybody
(including you, Meister Flint :-) from Loopers Delight there at those 

Also,  the Santa Cruz Looping Festival was a resounding artistic and
commercial success:  standing room only and oversold by fire marshal
standards (shhhhhhh..........don't anyone tell them ;-).

ORBIS started off with an ambient, melodic set utilizing the oldest gear at
the festival
(a circa 1984-6  tc electronics digital delay with a few seconds of looping

Bill Walker then put on an amazing display of the his artistry and guitar
wizardry (and I don't think I'm being nepotistic about this one) as well as
a demo of the power of the new Electrix Repeater.  It was really impressive
and I can't wait to finally start delving into my own recently purchased
repeater and WX5 wind controller!!

I played next and have no idea what the results were except to say that I 
an just constantly blown away by how accepting and encouraging , the Santa
Cruz audiences are for
my own extremely wierd brand of 'entertainment'.   I do know that a couple
of pieces will probably make it on to the live Loop.pooL CD that I am
working on for upcoming Spring release.   Special kudos to engineer and
Cayuga Vault coowner (and excellent solo loopers and saxaphonist) for 
really good digital recordings of everyone's sets and presenting us each
with a burned CD of the gig BEFORE we went home that night.

Next up was Steve Lawson, who, I have to say , is one of my favorite 
artists and one funny guy on stage.  He did a beautiful set that employed
everything from a beautiful and harmonically challenging version of
'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' to more outside excursions with sonix.  It was
a very inspiring set.    I got up and we did a short improvisational set 
you can ask someone else whether that was successful or not.

The crowd was incredible and they stayed to the end (that says a lot:  four
solo sets and a duo improv set).  Linda Kimball and Pete COates of the
Cayuga Vault where (and always are)
fantastically supportive and hardworking.  We're lucky to have such a great
venue in our town.

It was one of those evenings that makes me really good to be alive.....or 
the native americans say  "It was a good day to die".

yours, in loopiness,  Rick Walker (Loop.pool)