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Re: Linux Distrobution for Audio Question

   It should yes. The ALSA drivers should support more cards than the 
default install. When you install make sure you select the packages by 
hand and install the ALSA stuff. Mandrake has a excellent hardware 
detection program to help you get the cards configured at install time 
as well.

On Wednesday, January 16, 2002, at 08:06 PM, Scott Carr wrote:

> I've got the latest Mandrake ISO, but it seems to only support SBLive! +
> more current audio cards. Will this distro work with olde audio cards???
> Scott
> Doktor Greg Kucharo wrote:
>>    Try Mandrake Linux. Buy the full 7 CD version. It comes with a 
>> decent
>> array of audio programs and the ALSA drivers and utilities.
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