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Re: Bad Repeater Experience (Rant)


Aside from the other suggestions you've received here, it's also
possible that you have a faulty unit.  I had a similar problem with my
Repeater - a whining/warbling noise that was worse with the input turned
up, but intermittently audible even with input turned all the way down.
After a number of conversations to eliminate other possibilities, the
Electrix folks had me return the unit, and replaced the input pot (which
also crackled when I touched it).  The crackle was gone, but
unfortunately, that didn't fix the hum/whine problem.  After many more
discussions about my setup, including sending them an mp3 of the sound,
the Electrix crew decided that I have a bad unit, and to replace it.
I'm currently waiting to receive a new unit, and am keeping my fingers
crossed that that will solve the problem.

The bottom line is that the folks at Electrix will be willing to work
with you to pin down the problem (even though the process may be longer
and more painful than you might wish).  Check out the Electrix forum, as
suggested, and get in touch with Electrix support if needed.

Good luck,

> Subject: Bad Repeater Experience (Rant)
> Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 00:30:23 EST
> From: Jhsidlo@aol.com
> To: loopers-delight@annihilist.com
>     Just got it today. Plugged it in. It was 1.0 (Oh well).  A sort
> of
> whining noise (besides me) was constantly present. Except when in
> sleep mode
> or all faders down. Also when I was executing "undo" and the track
> assign
> lights start flashing. There was an audible pulsing sound through my
> amp.
>     So after I spend my time and money mailing it back. I'm going to
> give it
> one more chance. Does anybody know where I can get a Repeater 1.1?
>                             Rant completed, James