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more swedish music

i'm a huge fan of swedish folkies lena willemark and ale moller. he plays a
really cool mando cello thing that has holes all over the neck, into which
he inserts little thingys that act like capos for individual strings. he 
capo every string at a different fret and have open strings for some chords
but keep the relationships between the strings consistent. it's pretty 
i think the guy that does the mod for him has a patent on the thing.



on 1/19/02 3:51 PM, Tim Nelson at tnelson@metrocast.net wrote:

> Back in November, in the 'Lawson's missive' art vs. craft thread, Miko
> Biffle made a passing reference to a couple of Swedish folk-rock bands he
> enjoys (Hedningarna and Garmarna). I'd never listened to either of them, 
> I checked them out. I'm so glad Miko mentioned them! Their stuff is in 
> ways similar to a project I'm currently involved in: a 
> upright bass/loopmangled guitar trio fronted by a female Celtic vocalist.
> It probably would've been a long time before I'd heard these two bands, 
> at all.
> This brings me to my question: what other obscure artists are listmembers
> listening to who might be of interest to loopers?
> -t-