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Re: Musical Equipment Purchasers Anonymous

>Is there an organization like Alcoholics Anonymous for people 
>addicted to purchasing music equipment?

I have not been folowing the list the last weeks, but opened this one 
and the picture of the Anonymous Loopers came up... some guys with a 
spiral look confessing that they cannot sleep without at least three 
unsynced loops spining arround their heads...

>I'm kidding but when I looked at the e-mails coming from the online 
>vendors about "all the new cool stuff from NAMM", I asked myself, 
>"why do I need anything new"? And don't say, "you can't have enough 
>loopers". I'm satisfied with one Repeater. Had a couple of 
>Echoplexes, DL-4, Jamman, Boomerang. Never saw the need for more 
>than one, though.

as you see its all relative. I did it with one EDP the last 8 years ;-)

Have a good time!
I am off for the upgrade manual...

after de AirFX any one dimension one sound wahwah pedal is obsolete! 
It talks so many languages...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org