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Re: Hammerfall interface

Yeah, I do like my 828, except for the fact that it won't monitor all 
it's inputs without DP3.  The nice thing about it is you can stick it 
in an iBook and you've got an amazing portable recording studio.


>i  have the digi001 and it really does sound good.  ( i could tell you a
>suprising story about a really famous, well respected engineer that i've
>worked with that swears that the digi001 blows the protools tdm system out
>of the water sonically...)the converters are ok, not exceptional, but
>certainly as good as entry level apogees. i also use the motu 828 
>drive. it sounds about as good, but is a lot more protable and, if you are
>already using MOTU software, it probably makes sense. in my opinion, 
>is going to be a step up from the Auido media card.
>on 1/19/02 5:26 PM, Steve Sandberg at stevesandberg@earthlink.net wrote:
>>  This is a little off-topic, but I want to upgrade the sound quality of 
>>  home studio -- I've got a G4 with Digital Performer and an audiomedia 
>>  card (and  mackie mixer).  Have been considering a MOTU interface such 
>>  the 2408 or 1224; keeping the audiomedia card and getting stand alone 
>>  d/a converters (apogee or mytek); a digidesign 001; or the hammerfall
>>  interface.
>>  Anyone have any advice?  Or if this is too offtopic, know where I 
>could get
>  > some good info?
>  > Thanks.
>  >