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re:"Shared Discoveries"

  I'd like to chime in on this topic;
  Someone else mentioned "Volition" by Krakatau,
  check out "Matinale" by Krakatau.
  "Zulutime" by Page Hamilton & Caspar Brotzmann
  "Koksofen" by Caspar Brotzmann Massaker
  "Dreams" by the Tapiola Choir(on the Ondine Label)
  "Verbum" by the Tapiola Chamber Choir (on the Ondine Label)
  Cluster Ensemble (Ondine catalog# ODE 808-2)
  the albums by Blind Idiot God(especially "Cyclotron")
  Buckethead's stuff("Death Cube K" is kinda creepy ambient stuff)
  Just some suggestions!
  Chris Olden

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