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Video Performance 1.25.02 (Providence), 1.26.02 (Cambridge)

Hi folks,

I'd like to tell you about my first performances of the new year.

At AS 220, Providence, RI, Friday 1.25.02

  10pm Roger Miller Binary System, Emile Tobenfield
  An interesting evening of super sonic techno music and innovation 
featuring former members of Mission of Burma and the Pork Chop 
Lounge Band. $5

AS 220 is at 115 Empire St, Providence  401 831 9327    www.as22o.org.

At Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge MA, Saturday 1.26.02,

sharing video with Walter Wright and Music with an unusually talented 
cast of characters. I'm really looking forward to working with Joe 
Manieri, something I've wanted to do for a long time.



Session One is an outgrowth of an ongoing series of improvisation
workshops directed by saxophonist Tom Hall.  For this performance,
the group will include:

Tom Hall        - tenor & baritone sax
Ken Field       - alto sax, flute
Brian Carpenter - trumpet, slide trumpet
Grant Smith     - drums & percussion
Derek VanBeever - acoustic bass

Joe Maneri     - alto sax
Katt Hernandez - violin
Brad Kemp      - bass

Doyen of the Boston free-jazz scene, Joe Maneri has been a professor 
at the New England Conservatory since the late '60s, studied with 
Arnold Schoenberg in New York, and has played with Barre Phillips, 
Tim Berne, Jack Wright, Joe Morris & Ed Schuller. He has worked in 
Greek, Turkish & Armenian folk & bellydance groups since the early 
1950s. In recent years he has made notable recordings & appearances 
with his son Matt, the violin terror.
Lights by Walter Wright & Dr. T, that famous vaudeville pair!