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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #35

> Andy
>  I was able to replicate morphing putting two algorithms together in the 
>  same patch and X-fading between them. Now, I know Vortex claims that 
>  morphing is different from X-fade but I'm not sure if it does one or 
>  the other. I would think it does more X-fade than real morphing.

Vortex does more than just X-fade, all the parameters gradually changing 
one algo to the other. This works for the same algo in A & B, allowing 
depth and speed of vibrato to both change smoothly.(which would be easy on 
the orville).
(although I notice that the Vortex cheats on filter frequencies, and does 
an X-fade even when morphing to the same algo) 
It also morphs smoothly between different algos, in which case some params 
will head off to a "hidden" value (which I think is always either 1 or 
Morphing echoes is not like an X-fade, as the audio that is looping is 
transfered from one algo to another. again this happens when the echo algo 
the same with just different times, or if changing between very different 
echo algos.

So what happens during a Morph can be much more complex than an X-fade, 
and indeed the sounds/textures produced certainly can benefit from this.
(although there's little hint of this in the factory presets)

Of course the advantage of the Vortex is that you can work out any 2 
that you like , then have the (almost) instant gratification of morphing 
between them.
(without having to spend hours of programming)

So as yet , nothing compares to a Vortex:-)

Mind you , if I had an Orville.