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Re: sound sculpture switchblade

Hi there!

I'm a very enthusiast owner of the SwitchBlade GL.
Just say that you can forget anything else.
16 ins and 16 outs totally patchable, including 4 relays to switch 
channels etc, continuos controllers, LFO,  16 channels MIDI matrix, 
computer control, and some others cool features.
Audio quality is simply great.
Technical support is probably the best i ever found, even before buying it.

I'll take it with me even in heaven/hell when i'll be dead.

If you have a quite large setup and/or if you want/need to change 
your signal path, from guitars/pedals/pre-amps/fx and whatever, it is 
definively the right choice.
You can't find out a so flexible unit on the market.

Ask Pete Cornish for a similar piece of gear, and sell your '72 
Porsche 911 only to let him start thinking about it ;-)

Btw - i'm NOT a rep of SoundSculpture! there should be my face on 
their website in the section switchBlade/users anyway hehe.



>anybody got one of these?  if so, how do they complare to bradshaw's
>switcher (custom audio electronics)?  supposedly, the switchblade is the
>only one that can actually move the effects around in the signal path (a
>must for what i'm doing).  i think robert fripp uses (used) one, but i 
>think he's fielding gear questions.