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Re: Cables

Just to play devil's advocate, my goal for some thirty years has been 
to run my entire studio off of one or a couple DC voltages, supplied 
at home by a single power supply resembling a wall more than a wart 
(PV panels in the cabin) and on the road by car batteries or 
whatever. Equipment which already has DC input jacks makes it 
slightly easier to pretend I'm ever going to complete this transition.

It's also just not true that wall warts necessarily radiate more hum 
into audio paths than internal power supplies. The transformer inside 
one very expensive piece of gear I own is directly beneath the mic 
preamp in another unit which I would like to have mounted in an 
adjacent rack space. Oh well, not much I can do about that.

The internal power supply in another very popular multi-effects 
processor is a horribly noisy piece of crap which not only generates 
more 60Hz than a PG&E substation but only puts out more RF than Sutro 
Tower. Oh well, not much I can do about that either. At least with a 
wall wart it's really simple to relocate the hum generator, keep all 
the AC in the bottom of the rack, or even replace the power supply 
with something cleaner than any manufacturer puts inside their gear 
if it's still a problem.

Oh yeah, there's a decent chance that the first thing to fail in your 
rack will be a power supply, and it's kinda cool to be able to carry 
cheap spares and replace them in 30 seconds.

Like I said, just playing devil's advocate. My only real pet peeve is 
the Yamaha stuff which has an internal supply but a hardwired, way 
too long, too stiff, unrepairable AC cord.


At 10:17 PM -0800 1/25/02, max valentino wrote:
>Absolutely right, Kim....thanks for continuing to say it.  Who knows 
>maybe someone will listen!
>  > there is no excuse for wall warts in products intended for
>>audio use.
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