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Re: Cables

At 05:39 PM 1/25/2002, rich wrote:
>for an electronics non-wizard like myself (i'm just an end user) but 
>someone who appreciates good design, i find your statements really 
>informative and insightful.

use the knowledge for the forces of good.

>however, i think we've found one of your central pet-peeves, yes?

just one of millions I decided to address today. just wait until you see 
the next one.

>mine happens to be those guys who think they can color their hair 
>every-which-way-and-back and get away with it.  sheesh...the nerve.

especially when they don't bother to update their wardrobe to match, and 
out into the world clashing! ugh!

where were you at namm? a no-show at the looper confab......


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