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no foul.  I think we both made the mistake of answering a question in 
absolutes, when it's a bit of a gray area.  For my application, the 
Repeater behaves fine, you've got obvious and justified beefs in the 
way the Repeater loops.  Believe me, I was on this list for the year 
of "it will be out soon..." and the "Woops, the bug free software we 
promised will be out soon..." times.  I was a beta tester of OS 1.1 
I respect Electrix's decision of making me a beta tester even though 
my company's been developing a rival product, The Againinator.  When 
it's finally done, it will have the glitch free loops you so long 
for, and will fetch your newspaper each morning.


>Mark -
>no harm. no problem. I just consider starting a loop at any time something
>rather specific. It's great that you are getting it on the point as you 
>described. I was merely pointing out an issue that I and others who have
>tried the RPTR feel is an inexact end/start point.
>I didn't create the language but I speak it well. I have to. Investing in
>the RPTR and other gear over the years has shown me that I had better know
>just how to use what I have, otherwise i'm  a poor musician. That's just 
>I go about using instruments/tools.
>To stop or start at any time, as the question asked, means (at least to my
>addled brain) sans hiccup and has nothing to do with ambiance and more to 
>with honest advertising. Maybe you missed the hoopla on LD just prior to 
>after the RPTR came out, you can check the archives for that.
>which reminds me why I had unsubscribed a little thereafter.
>I have no issues with how anyone wishes to describe or answer a question 
>any one else but I do take exception if someone calls me "totally wrong"
>about something. Mark, we can agree to disagree. I was answering a 
>from someone else in the most complete way possible, not exactly something
>that you would get at a music store. Warts and all suck, this I know. But 
>someone is looking to spend some of their money, I had better tell them 
>my experience is in addition to pointing out when others have similar
>issues. For all I know the original poster does not even care for 
>loops, but others may. Thus my answer.
>Good to know people are reading posts still.
>best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Marklar <sine@zerocrossing.net>
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Date: Sunday, January 27, 2002 12:58 PM
>Subject: Re: RE:EDP or REPEATER?
>>Uh Pedro, I think we're having a language thing here.  The question 
>had absolutely nothing to do with whether you could get a
>>seamless ambient loop, just whether or not you could start and stop >the
>loop at any time.  I will stand by my answer.
>>>   >>Subject: Re: RE:EDP or REPEATER?
>>>>>>On the EDP or the Repeater is it possible to start and stop the loop
>>>>>any given time?
>>>>>On the EDP yes, on the RPTR no.
>>>>you're totally wrong on that.  You can stop and start the Repeater at
>  >>>will via it's front controls, or via MIDI.  In fact, it constantly
>  >>>trips me up when I'm recording with my computer, and I do a take and
>  >press
>  >>play, and it restarts my loop.
>  >>>
>  >>Mark -
>>>let's try this again. I own both units. The RPTR has a glitch when
>>>a loop. I find it does not loop seamlessly as does the EDP. I would
>>>that you check out previous posts on LD and the Electrix forum for more
>>>on this problem that was not rectified with the new OS. Then again I 
>>>need to convince you, as you seem happy looping with it now. So I say
>>>coolness unto you, it just didn't work for me with the glitch. But I was
>>>honesty answering the question and stand by my response as does 
>>>Just check here
>>>now do your homework before you call me wrong. just kidding there.
>>>best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002