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Re: routing? mixers?

-----Original Message-----
From: DialaThos@aol.com <DialaThos@aol.com>
>I'm running a fairly complicated signal path and now trying to integrate a
>Repeater into it.  It's a Chapman Stick rig complete with a bass signal,
>stereo guitar signals and stereo guitar-synth signals all happening at 
>Ideally I'd like a routing setup where I could be playing all 5 channels 
>once.. but only looping any given "instrument."   Barring that, I'd settle
>for just having everything go into the Repeater cleanly.
>Anybody know of any others or have any
>clever routing tips?   I'd love some sort of volume pedal setup to 
>what's going into the Repeater.

Hi Tom,

Here's an off the wall idea:
If your bass, stereo guitar, and stero guitar-synth signals are going to a 
that has insert points on 1/4" TRS jacks, then you can try this.  Go to 
Shack and get stereo to mono headphone adapters.  The plug end is TRS 
1/4" and the jack end is TR mono.  Plugging one of these into an insert 
sends the signal right babck into the mixer channel and provides a 1/4"
unbalanced output that you can send to a volume pedal.  Get three pedals 
the Boss FV-60 because it will handle a stereo signal.  Send the outputs of
these pedals to unused channels of your mixer and use an effect send to 
get the
signals to your Repeater.  Alternately, send the pedal outputs to a 
mixer.  You can get a small Behringer for about $99 which might be just 
for this task.  (Plus I think they're cute!)  Route an output of this 
mixer to your Repeater and send the Repeater outputs back to your main 
Let me know if you think I'm crazy as a loon or an evil genius!


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