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Re: Can I be loopy too?

hullo loopheads...

some snips and responses.

from kim:

>where were you at namm? a no-show at the looper confab......

yup.  sorry for that.  i was strolling the show on thursday.  super 
busy at work and only had one day to go, so it was thursday.  how was 
disneyland?  did they open up the autopia yet?  i miss that 60's NASA 
feel of tomorrowland.  i hadn't gone in years and years and now it's 
all buck rogers future/retro whatever.  my childhood memories 
bulldozed....darn.  oh well, once Monsanto's 'voyage through inner 
space' went belly up, it was all downhill.

and from mister torn:

>NB, though, that the highly-developed looping-instruments --- ie, EDP &
>repeater --- are always in danger of going the way of the Jamman.....
>so, potentially:
>time is of the essence.

this sentiment has been brought up many times recently.  that we 
should buy now, because these product might not be around much 
longer.  this is really discouraging.  this "get it before it's gone" 
mentality kindof sucks with high dollar items that would require 
specific support and repair if it went haywire.

what gives?